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Music & Video Samples

Video Samples are currently UNDER REPAIR...

BASIC PLAYING DEMO  Click here for a demo of how to play a bowed psaltery.  The video will show it's simply a matter of having the letters to the notes and playing the letters.

PLAYING THE SLIDE  Click here to see how to create beautiful slurs and glissandos on a bowed psaltery.

TWO BOW HARMONIES  Click here to see how to play two bow harmonies on the psaltery.

PLAYING FAST SONGS   Click here to see a two bow technique for playing faster songs.

Atlantica.jpg (18218 bytes) ATLANTICA -- Folk Songs And Instruments From Both Sides Of The Ocean     Available in CD and Cassette.    Use the links below to hear samples of songs from our ATLANTICA CD.  The samples will let you hear how the psaltery sounds by itself and when played with a variety of instruments, including guitar, harp, fiddle, cello and recorder.

Audio Samples are Accessible with



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