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Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2

What if a string breaks? This rarely happens, but extra strings are provided and the instruction book shows you how to change one. The size string is commonly used on guitars or banjos and is available through us or at most music stores.

How long will a bow last? Your bow is haired with a durable synthetic fiber developed for violin bows and should last for many years under normal use. We rehair bows for a nominal fee and new bows are inexpensive.

What woods do you use? The warm dark wood seen on the sides of our instrument is select Northern cherry, as is the bridge and bow. Because of its superior tone quality we make our tops of quartersawn Sitka spruce, which has been the soundboard of choice for centuries. Laminated rock maple holds the tuning pegs securely, an idea we borrowed from piano construction.

Where can I get one? Whether for yourself, or as a gift, the easiest way to get a bowed psaltery is to order online, or call us at 1-800-203-5921. We gladly accept personal checks, money orders, VISA®, MASTERCARD®, DISCOVER®, and AMERICAN EXPRESS®.

You can also find Unicorn Strings Music Company at many fine art and craft shows throughout the country. Click here to find out when we'll be in your area.

All orders come with a 10 day money back guarantee. (All returned instruments must be in salable condition).


CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-203-5921     In FL Call: 352-485-2640   

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